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Family Medicine

21st Annual Clinical Reviews and Primary Care Update - 2014

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss current diagnostic and therapeutic options for common illnesses and injuries seen in a primary care practice
  • Identify new evidence-based treatments using the most up-to-date clinical and scientific information
  • Detect gaps in their primary-care knowledge base
  • Differentiate between suspicious and benign skin lesions
  • Identify treatments for insomnia
  • Identify female patients at risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Discuss insulin therapy in the treatment of diabetes
  • Discuss therapies and strategies for managing IBS in accordance with evidence-based guidelines
  • Identify current guidelines for assessing and treating patients with hypertension

Attendance at this Mayo course does not indicate nor guarantee competence or proficiency in the performance of any procedures which may be discussed or taught in this course.