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Family Medicine

Impairment Without Disability 6th Annual Conference

Impairment Without Disability 6th Annual Conference

Mayo Clinic and Essentia Health have gathered a world-class lineup of experts to continue the collaboration of employers and medicine to take care of our injured and ill workforce. Together, we can prevent needless work disability by helping people stay employed. Objectives of this course include explaining the impact the physician has on preventing needless work disability; establishing how improved communication among the health care provider, employer and employee contributes to optimal handling of injured or ill employees; assessing the negative impact that poor handling of the return-to-work process has on patients and the economy at large; and demonstrating insight and ideas to help prevent needless work disability in the future; explaining the physician’s role in defining appropriate disability-management criteria for injured or ill employees by creating a common language and understanding among business owners, human resource personnel, managers and supervisors, and medical professionals. We can interact, share ideas and move forward in the process of change that will lead to a reduction in needless disability in our workforce.

Core Competencies

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Patient care
  • Practice based learning and improvement
  • Systems-based Practice

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