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Cardiovascular Diseases

CICT: Tips & Tricks In Complex Interventional Cardiovascular Therapy

COURSE WEBSITE/REGISTRATION: http://www.cict2013.com/ The goal of the 2013 CICT Conference is to promote high quality, patient-centered, clinical and technical decision-making in the field of Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine. Invited faculty will present the "clinician’s perspective" on how to apply knowledge gained from clinical trials to a rational patient-centered practice through focused debates, case-based lectures, and case reviews. The content of this meeting will address a wide range of complex cardiovascular interventional topics that still present a challenge to the clinician with respect to choosing the appropriate therapy (surgery vs. catheter-based therapy) and with respect to using optimal technique to ensure the safety and efficacy of the procedure.

Registration Fee

MD, PhD, DO, PharmD $475.00
Fellow, Resident, RN, PA, NP $375.00

Core Competencies

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Patient care
  • Practice based learning and improvement

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