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  6. Wednesday, March 26
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TransFuse 2014: Transformative-Fusion of Innovative Patient Blood Management

Wednesday, March 26

Time Topic
7:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
8:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
MD and Ajay Kumar, MD, and Maria Fritock, MD
8:15 AM Anemia Extremes: The Human Integrative Physiology Perspective
Michael J. Joyner, MD
9:00 AM Anemia Extremes: Resuscitation
Col. Todd Rasmussen
9:30 AM Anemia Extremes: The Military Experience
John B. Holcomb, MD, FACS
10:00 AM Anemia Extremes: Treatment with Hemoglobin Based Oxygen Carriers: Is There a Path Forward?
Richard B. Weiskopf, MD
10:30 AM Panel Discussion
Richard B. Weiskopf, MD - Moderator
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM The Waiting Game: Longer Donation Interval Impact on Iron Deficiency
James R. Stubbs, MD
11:30 AM New Models of Resource Management
James Mitchell
12:00 PM Panel Discussion
Elizabeth A. Gilman, MD - Moderator
12:15 PM Luncheon Lecture: The Connected World and Your Blood/Telehealth and PBM
Jamison Feramisco, MD, PhD (no CME/CNE credit)
12:15 PM Lab participants depart for Lab
1:00 PM Animal Lab Practicum
1:15 PM Certification Logistics
Andrew Higgins, RN and Lance Trewhella, RN
1:20 PM Anemia: Why You're Too Low
Mary Ghiglione, MSN, MHA
1:40 PM Coagulation Management: Tow the Line
Gregory A. Nuttall, MD
2:00 PM Transfusion by Committee: Good or Bad?
Melanie Jorgenson, RN
2:20 PM Patient Blood Management and Orthopedic Surgery: A Disjointed Practice?
Brian R. Hamlin, MD
2:40 PM It Pays to be in the ICU: Affordable Strategies for Blood Use
Juan N. Pulido, MD
3:00 PM Blood by the Numbers: NBCUS Patient Blood Management Barbee I. Whitaker, PhD
3:20 PM Break
3:45 PM Introduction to Unconference
4:00 PM Unconference Sessions (lab participants join back with the group)
  The Use of Fibrinogen Concentrates in Cardiac Surgery
Maria-Christine Ross-Huot, MD & Pavan Kumar, MD
  Bag Some Platelets: They are Not the Same
Philippe R. Housmans, MD, PhD
  Teach Your Mentor: Physicians in Training
Zeke Anderson, MD
  New Technologies on the Horizon
Gerhardt Konig, MD
  Got Some Algorthims with that Blood?
Antolin Flores, MD
  Kaiser Permanente: How we constructed a formal business plan for PBM
Daniel Pellegrini, MD
  Stop the Bleeding Now! Surgical Insights
Florencia G. Que, MD and Mark D. Sawyer, MD
  Big Data: Little Bits and Big Bytes
Peter W. Svendsen
  How a Community Blood Center Can (and Should) Support Important Patient Blood Management Efforts at Its Customer Hospitals
Christopher J. Gresens, MD (no CME/CNE credit)
  Is Patient Blood Management Safe?
Irwin Gross, MD
5:30 PM Welcome Reception:
Entertainment: Get Your Groove On: The Oola Life
Drs. Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun