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Mayo Clinic Symposium on Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Learning Objectives

  • Review the management principles of obese parturients in labor and delivery
  • Determine the association of labor epidural analgesia and maternal fever
  • Discuss current pain management strategies for chronic pain patients
  • Discuss the management of traumatic brain injury
  • Examine the implications of diabetes mellitus on perioperative care
  • Identify the optimal perioperative fluid management strategy
  • Describe the role of pharmacogenetics in anesthesia practice
  • Review the importance of outcome reporting and provider metrics in anesthesia care
  • Examine current concepts in neuroanesthesia
  • Compare the roles and limitations of commonly utilized vasoactive medications
  • Discuss the practice of anesthetic care in the MRI suite
  • Examine common clinical conundrums in regional anesthesia
  • Review how to assess technology for care of the perioperative patient
  • Review current concepts in management of the trauma patient
  • Identify current trends in the perioperative anesthetic management of pediatric patients
  • Discuss future trends in the provision of anesthetic care
  • Compare risks and benefits of colloid and crystalloid fluid therapy
  • Discuss the evaluation and management of pediatric shock
  • Review management principles of difficult pediatric vascular access
  • Identify current evidence-based treatments of common pain syndromes
  • Examine the physiology of aging and its implications for anesthetic care
  • Discuss the role of regional anesthesia in cancer-related outcomes

Attendance at this Mayo course does not indicate nor guarantee competence or proficiency in the performance of any procedures which may be discussed or taught in this course.