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History of the Center for Innovation

Photo of past See-Plan-Act-Refine-Communicate (SPARC) space

The center's research and development origins trace back more than a decade — to Mayo Clinic's early See-Plan-Act-Refine-Communicate (SPARC) Innovation Program. Created in June 2008, the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation has become a bridge between medical practice and human-centered design thinking.

Housed in the Gonda Building, 16th Floor, the center's mission is to transform the experience and delivery of health care and to make these discoveries and solutions available for all people, not just Mayo Clinic patients.

Mayo's center is the first center for innovation to be integrated into a medical practice setting. It includes an outpatient lab that allows for the observation of patients while they interact with providers in the clinical setting, the Healthy Aging and Independent Living (HAIL) Lab in Charter House, and spaces for prototyping, workshops and classes.

Today, business evolves at a rapid pace. Innovation is more critical than ever, and health care is not an exception. During the last 60 years, there have been significant advances in medicine and there is clearly an opportunity to do more — much more.

Mayo Clinic has an exceptional history of innovation, including the creation of the world's first integrated, coordinated medical group practice that relies on the combined expertise of teams of specialists to provide the best possible patient care. This model — and others — have been utilized by health care organizations worldwide to improve health care delivery.

Innovation at Mayo Clinic

Mayo's practice of innovation is not new. It began in the late 1800s when Drs. William J. and Charles H. Mayo founded their medical practice around an innovative concept — the integrated team practice.

They knew then what we continue to acknowledge today: Innovation doesn't happen by chance. Transforming an innovative idea into a practical solution demands process, discipline and focus. Mayo Clinic understands innovation.

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