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eConsult image


Delivering care to patients when they need it, where they need it

Project RED

Imagining new ways to deliver dialysis to patients

Photo of a caregiver and patient


Caring for those who are caring for loved ones with dementia

Photo of two women exergaming


Bringing games to seniors for social and physiological support

Photo of Jack and Jill rooms

Jack and Jill rooms

A new exam room design that supports conversation

Illustration of the OB Nest project

OB Nest

Exploring prenatal care at a distance

Photo of a decision aid

Decision aids

Tools that help patients and physicians make decisions, together

Patient app graphic

Patient app

Bringing Mayo Clinic's expertise to mobile devices, making health records accessible

Photo of a nurse and telestroke robot

Stroke telemedicine

Supporting stroke patients in remote locations with Mayo Clinic's expertise

YES board graphic

YES board

A graphical information system providing an at-a-glance overview on every patient in Mayo Clinic's emergency rooms

Electronic dementia behavior management graphic

Electronic dementia behavior management

Telemedicine support for dementia patients and their caregivers

Photo of a phlebotomist and pediatric patient

Pediatric phlebotomy chair

Designing a pediatric "distraction" phlebotomy chair to improve the laboratory experience for children

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