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Center for Innovation Online Community

The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation understands that innovation is enabled when we learn from each other, sharing ideas and working together. This is why the center has developed a variety of ways to encourage your connections, comments and collaboration.


Visit the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation blog, a blog about innovations in the future of health care and wellness.


Follow the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation on Twitter (@MayoInnovation), including the hashtag #MCCFI, to keep up with the latest in innovative health care delivery.


The Center for Innovation Facebook page lets you ask questions and find answers about the center and solicit feedback on ideas from an audience focused on innovation in health care.


Post a photo on our Pinterest board. Share a moment you had at Transform or a visual of a project you are working on, too.


Watch past Transform presentations on our Transform YouTube playlist. We have more than 100 videos for you to enjoy!

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