The Alice Mayo Society (AMS) exists to welcome and acquaint spouses of Mayo Clinic staff members, residents and medical students.

AMS reaches out to members to provide a positive connection during their spouse's affiliation with Mayo Clinic by sponsoring a variety of events and publishing newsletters.

Active eligible members of AMS are spouses of consultants, voting administrative staff, senior associate consultants and associate consultants. Honorary members are spouses of emeritus staff.

When Alice Mayo Society was founded more than 100 years ago, the group initially met to discuss magazine articles and was appropriately called "The Magazine Club." In 1968, the group became known as the Alice Mayo Society to honor Mrs. Charles William Mayo. However, the purpose of welcoming spouses remained the same, as it does to present day.

Over the years, separate organizations have been founded for the Mayo Clinic campuses in Florida (Palms) and Arizona (Oasis), with the Rochester group (Alice Mayo Society) retaining the original name: